Life Principles Academy (LPA) is the solution for pro-life people looking to become more skillful and adept at convincing others to re-examine their beliefs, and ultimately replace them with healthier, more life-affirming ones. 

Healing the Culture created LPA to make the best in human philosophical thought accessible to everyone, and enable them to intelligently and effectively communicate the principles of human dignity and respect for human life.  This short, online course teaches the powerful truths that can create deep and lasting conversions to a pro-life worldview—and equips you to “step up your game” in order to bring friends, family, co-workers and others over to the pro-life side. 

It’s as if you could take over 2,500 years of the best thinking in human logic, ethics and philosophy—and turn it into something you can learn in less time than it takes to watch the average pro football game!

 “A powerful way to guide people to an understanding of their true worth and dignity, and to lead them to wholeness.”
Carrie Abbott, Founder and President of The Legacy Institute

Healing the Culture respects your privacy, and will not share your information with any other parties.

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