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12/2/17 - Ave Maria University - Ave Maria, FL

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11/4/17 - Franciscan University of Steubenville - Steubenville, OH

3/25/17 - Caroll College - Helena, MT

3/11/17 - Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA

2/18/17 - Walsh University - North Canton, OH

11/19/16 - Christendom College - Front Royal, VA

11/5/16 - National Campus Life Network, Squamish, BC

10/15/16 - University of Mary, Bismarck, ND

8/13/16 - Students for Life of America's Christian Leadership Conference, Jacksonville, FL

5/14/16 - Seattle University

4/2/16 - University of Nevada - Reno

3/12/16 - University of California Berkeley


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Life Advocacy Student Training (LAST)

Have you ever been tongue-tied in conversations about why you are pro-life? Ever felt like you’re just not communicating? Do you wish there was a way to really reach people who seem unreachable?

Introducing Life Advocacy Student Training (LAST)

Healing the Culture has developed a game-changing pro-life curriculum specifically tailored for the unique concerns of college and university student leaders. In just a few hours, Life Advocacy Student Training (LAST) will transform your ability to communicate the logic, ethics, and justice of the pro-life position to friends, family, classmates…and even your professors.

What you need:

  • 10 or more pro-life students 
  • A location for the event 
  • 4 hours on a Saturday (8-12 or 9-1:30, you pick)

What you get:

  • FREE professional training by Camille Pauley, co-founder and president of Healing the Culture
  • FREE Pro-Life Advocacy Kit containing $350 worth of print, audio, and video resources (1 kit per club or group)
  • A strong command of the fundamental issues at stake in the cultural battle over life
  • Compelling arguments and common-sense techniques that will enhance your ability to make the case for life

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Next steps:

To schedule a Life Advocacy Student Training or for more information, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.  You can also call us anytime at 360-243-3811.