The Spirit of Leadership: Optimizing Creativity and Change in Organizations

by Robert J. Spitzer, Ph.D. 343-page book, soft-sewn cover. Examines ways of enhancing organizational vision, communication within the organization, meaning and purpose in both personal and business life, organizational commitments necessary for trust, ethics, and more.

Many organizations have invested in the skills and structures of change, but have forgotten the more intangible quality of spirit. As a result, their changes have been short-lived, their adaptability slow, and their ability to move to the "next level" nonexistent. The absence of spirit (even with all the right skills and structures) has prevented these organizations from developing a self-motivated desire to change for the common good. Indeed, the absence of spirit has led to abject resistance to change.

This book is intended not only to make up for this glaring error of omission, but also to probe deeply into all the major roots of organizational spirit. It does this by examining ways of enhancing: - organizational vision - communication within the organization - meaning and purpose in both business and personal life - organizational commitments necessary for trust - organizational commitments toward an optimal "people system" - ethics and fair conduct of business - leaders' credibility, wisdom, and charisma - leaders' ability to be contemplative and self-examined (leading to broader, deeper, and more long-term perspectives - co-participation and co-ownership within the organization


Introduction - Spirit, Trust, and People

Section One: The Mind and Vision of the Inspired Leader - Inspired vs. Driven Leadership - Three Qualities of Inspired Leadership - Seven Myths of Mediocre Leadership - Measuring the Effects of Esprit de Corps

Section Two: The Heart of the Inspired Leader - Four Levels of Happiness - The Comparison Game and its Resolution - Forming Habits Toward a New Way of Life - Indications of God's Presence in Human Consciousness - The Role of Faith in Inspired Leadership - Personal Commitments

Section Three: People Commitments - Commitments About People

Section Four: Ethical Commitments The Ethical Leader

Section Five: Leadership Commitments - Leadership for a New Environment - The Principles of Inspired Leadership - Self-Motivation, Creativity, and Care - Co-Ownership and Team Building - Creating Esprit de Corps

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