Modestly Yours

This 24 page booklet by Camille Pauley, aimed at teens, is a rare and refreshing look at the true meaning of womanhood, the virtue of modesty, and the dignity of being human - which speaks straight to the hearts of young people in today's culture.

  • Find out how modesty leads to true love and lasting happiness.
  • Learn what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God.
  • Discover ten easy rules for being modest in an immodest world.
  • "I bought a copy for every one of my 8-12 graders. It sparked GREAT discussion. Thanks!"- Sage Dorrington, Youth Ministry
  • "I love how it explains modesty through real life examples and stories. It takes a subject often considered old-fashioned and makes it something we can relate to and understand." - Lauren Thrasher, 16 years old
  • "It's essential to teach about virtue in ways that reach the hearts of young people. "Modestly Yours" does that with simplicity and style." - Rev. Phil Massetti, Marello Youth Center

"Modestly is not walking around in complete silence, wrapped up in a burlap sack, a big floppy hat, and four layers of sweaters so that no one can see there's a human girl underneath. That's not modesty. That's overkill. And if you grew up in the New Mexican desert like I did, it's practically suicide. St. Teresa of Avila knew this. She once wrote to one of the nuns in her convent: "With regard to the woolen tunic that you desire to wear throughout the summer, it is folly. Do me the favor of leaving it off."

"Modesty is a virtue that I use to remind myself and other people of how valuable and dignified and important and lovely I am. Modesty means showing in my words, thoughts, and actions, and in the way I look and dress, that the most important thing about myself is LOVE. It's not my body. It's not my legs, or my skin, or my hair (thank goodness). The most important thing about me is not even my athletic ability, my intellectual skills, or my ability to speak in public. The most important thing about me is LOVE. "Modesty means avoiding everything that causes people to forget that LOVE is the most important thing about me. It means my helping you to know that the most important about you, is LOVE, too." -- from the booklet, Modestly Yours ...

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  • 10+: $0.50