Healing the Culture

A Commonsense Philosophy of Happiness, Freedom, and the Life Issues

by Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. 346 page book, soft-sewn cover. Father Spitzer's popular book on the four levels of happiness, and the pro-life movement. Over 15,000 copies sold.

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Healing the Culture presents the most comprehensive philosophy of the pro-life movement in print today. This book changes the discussion on abortion and euthanasia by linking these issues with the philosophical underpinnings of our culture and the principles and values through which we live. More than an explanation of the life issues, this book presents a course in philosophy and a guide to enhanced meaning and purpose in life.

This groundbreaking work addresses the connection between the culture's view of everything from happiness and success, to self-worth, love, suffering, ethics, freedom and personhood, and shows how our notion of personhood holds the key not only to the concept of ourselves, but also to the future of rights and the common good. 346 pages.

  • Chapter 1: Defining the Human Person
  • Chapter 2: Defining "Happiness"
  • Chapter 3: Moving Through the Levels of Happiness
  • Chapter 4: Happiness, Success, Quality of Life, and Love
  • Chapter 5: Suffering Well
  • Chapter 6: Ethics and Freedom
  • Chapter 7: Person, Rights, and the Common Good
  • Chapter 8: Summary of the Ten Categories of Cultural Discourse
  • Chapter 9: Abortion
  • Chapter 10: Euthanasia


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