God So Loved the World: Clues to Our Transcendent Destiny from the Revelation of Jesus

This volume probes in detail the major question of whether an intelligent Creator God – who is manifest in logical proofs, scientific evidence, and near death experiences and who is the source of our desire for the sacred and the transcendental desires for truth, love, goodness, and beauty – would want to reveal himself to us personally and ultimately.

After showing that it is reasonable to affirm that God would want to do so, Father Spitzer then explores the question of whether Jesus Christ is Himself the personal and ultimate Revelation of this intelligent Creator God.

If we discover that such an affirmation is reasonable in view of Christ's claims about Himself and about our relationship with Him and with one other, then our faith in Jesus ought to transform everything we think about our nature, dignity, and destiny – and how we live, endure suffering, contend with evil, and treat our neighbor. 

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