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Life Canada introduces Principles & Choices to our friends over the border

Posted: 7:00 am on September 7th, 2016


Thanks to our collaboration with the Canadian Institute for Education on the Family (CIEF), interest in Healing the Culture's programs has been steadily increasing in Canada. The latest issue of Life Canada magazine promises to spark even more.

The entire issue focuses on pro-life education—HTC-style! In addition to introducing readers to the four level of happiness, the ten universal principles, and other key components of our programmatic content, the fall 2016 edition of Life Canada magazine also gives ample coverage to our flagship program, Principles & Choices.

John Carpay, president of Canada's Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, had this to say after previewing P&C: "I enjoyed the P&C curriculum immensely. It does an excellent job of addressing fundamental questions about happiness, freedom and the philosophical foundations of a just society. The presentation is simple, yet without being simplistic."

Check out a summary of what Life Canada has to say at