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Human Life of Washington - Our Birthplace

Posted: 7:00 am on August 1st, 2016


You may not know that Healing the Culture got its start as a project of Human Life of Washington — the Washington state chapter of National Right to Life.

Back in 1992, Fr. Robert Spitzer approached the organization with his idea to fill a major void in the pro-life movement by introducing a powerful philosophical case for life — one that would address happiness, quality of life, freedom, personhood and human rights, head on. One year later, the organization hired Camille Pauley (then Camille De Blasi) to help Fr. Spitzer, and together they created the Center for Life Principles. By 2003, the program had exploded across the country and around the world, so then-CEO Dan Kennedy and board President Ken VanDerhoef gave permission for Camille to form a new organization, and Healing the Culture was born!

Healing the Culture just celebrated our 13th anniversary on July 1. We look forward to continued collaboration and partnership with Human Life of WA to help build a culture of life.


Camille Pauley (right) with new Executive Director of Human Life of Washington, Esther Hurni-Ripplinger (center) and HLW's Executive Office Manager Gabriella Sechrist (left).