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Posted: 3:00 am on March 17th, 2016


You and I are outraged. And for good reason. Today, in America, it is legal for medical doctors (the people we should be able to trust the most with human life) to kill little boys and girls for the “crime” of being unborn. It is legal (in several states) for medical doctors to kill their patients for the “crime” of being terminally ill. And it is legal for medical professionals to sell the body parts of human beings victimized by abortion so that they can be used for scientific research and experimentation. Not only are these appalling practices legal, they are shamelessly sanctioned and promoted by nearly every segment of contemporary culture.

One of our readers recently told me, “There is so much to be outraged by today, it’s literally exhausting.” I can understand that sentiment. But at the risk of sounding preachy, if we’re exhausting ourselves thinking about all the evil in the world, maybe we’re spending our energies in the wrong place.

Let me share some good news that should encourage all of us who are working tirelessly to build a culture of life.

On February 24, the journal Bloomberg Businessweek carried a story with the headline: “Abortion Clinics Are Closing at a Record Pace.” That headline pretty much says it all, but the numbers are worth exploring. Bloomberg’s research says that since 2011, 162 abortion facilities have either shut down or stopped offering abortions compared to only 21 new facilities that have opened.  That works out to more than one clinic shutting its doors every two weeks during a five-year period.

This is good news, and it shows the pro-life movement has powerful momentum.  I sense that momentum every time I go out and speak to groups, schools, and churches across the country.

Of course, this is not the first time we have heard good news about lower abortion rates, fewer clinics that perform abortions, and the scarcity of doctors willing to perform abortions.  What’s unique about Bloomberg’s report is their attempt to quantify the reasons for each clinic’s closing.

They concluded that about one-fourth of the closings could be directly linked to pro-life laws and regulations that make it more difficult for clinics to make money.  That’s obviously great news that killing human beings has become less profitable.  It proves that, contrary to some people’s cynicism about politics, it really does matter who you elect to public office.

But what about the other three-quarters of clinic closings? These were attributed to a myriad of factors, including: declining demand for abortion; unfriendly community climate; abortionists retiring with no replacements. These are the fruits of a changing culture, in which unlimited, unrestricted abortion-on-demand is becoming less acceptable.

This explains why, as the Bloomberg story reports, even a state like California has lost a dozen abortion clinics in the last five years.  Anyone familiar with California politics knows that people with a pro-abortion mentality are in firm control of all three branches of government.  Yet even in the darkest corners of the country, we are winning the battle for people’s hearts and minds.

How many different ways can it be said?  Culture matters.  Political success – or failure – doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s inseparably linked to what’s percolating in our culture. I’m proud that Healing the Culture has been a powerful catalyst for driving this cultural change.  Our coherent and compelling pro-life education is making a difference.

It’s good to be outraged by outrageous things. It’s proof that our consciences are functioning the way they should. But it’s even more important to do something about that outrage – something positive, something hopeful, something life-giving.

Please remember us in your charitable giving. Put Healing the Culture in your Lenten almsgiving. Give up a month of Starbucks. Squeeze us somewhere between your water bill and your telephone bill. Let’s counter the outrage with self-sacrificial action that’s putting the abortion business out of business.