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11/4/17 - Franciscan University of Steubenville - Steubenville, OH

3/25/17 - Caroll College - Helena, MT

3/11/17 - Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA

2/18/17 - Walsh University - North Canton, OH

11/19/16 - Christendom College - Front Royal, VA

11/5/16 - National Campus Life Network, Squamish, BC

10/15/16 - University of Mary, Bismarck, ND

8/13/16 - Students for Life of America's Christian Leadership Conference, Jacksonville, FL

5/14/16 - Seattle University

4/2/16 - University of Nevada - Reno

3/12/16 - University of California Berkeley

Pro-Life Leaders

“Healing the Culture has focused like a laser on curing the toxic cultural attitudes that give rise to abortion, euthanasia, and other attacks on human dignity.  They don’t just settle for diagnosing the illness.  They offer a cure – in the form of a compelling, pro-life worldview that changes both hearts and minds.  I commend the programs of Healing the Culture for anyone who seeks to become a skilled pro-life evangelist.” — Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List

“Your message needs to be heard in the academy. Your mission has great potential to transform the hearts and minds of young people.” — Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life of America

“[Healing the Culture] tackles the ‘new normal’ that gives rise to abortion and euthanasia on demand. Without a doubt, [your] programs are changing attitudes as they help people understand exactly what it means to be human and to grasp the source of their own dignity. We at the Society are proud collaborators with Healing the Culture.” — Bob Laird, Vice-President for Program Development, The Cardinal Newman Society

“Thank you Healing the Culture for giving a presentation that is absolutely top drawer. I suspect there is in no other in the world like it. It is unmatched in its approach, its power and its ability to convey simply, concepts from some of the finest thinkers of the human race throughout history.” — Dirk Bartram, President, Seattle Respect Life Network

“This was, by far, the most useful and successful conference our delegates have ever been to.” - Yvonne Douma, President, Pro-Life Society of British Columbia

“The concept of ‘the Four Levels of Happiness’ is revolutionizing our ability to be relevant in our clients’ lives.” - Linda E. Luecke, Executive Director, Cornerstone Pregnancy Resource Center; Lorain, Ohio

“We received unusually favorable comments about the high quality of this program. Pro-lifers [at our conference] enthusiastically praised the professional presentation of a broad range of both basic and fresh information they could use in their own pro-life work.” - Nellie Gray, President, March For Life

"I enjoyed the P&C curriculum immensely. It does an excellent job of addressing fundamental questions about happiness, freedom and the philosophical foundations of a just society. The presentation is simple, yet without being simplistic." - John Carpay, B.A., LL.B., President, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (Canada)

“I have been director of pro-life activities for 12 years and cannot think of a more compelling, exciting and promising approach to transforming the culture of death into a culture of life and love than the Life Principles.” - Greg Schleppenbach, Nebraska State Director, Bishops’ Pastoral Plan for Pro-life Activities

“As someone who has been in the pro-life movement since its inception, I was not eager to attend yet another speaker ‘preaching to the choir’ on abortion. What a blessing it was to have the abortion issue approached from the other end of the spectrum. I was renewed, energized, and so grateful to have been in attendance.” - Pam Trujillo, Family and Respect Life Ministry, Diocese of Cheyenne; Casper, Wyoming

“Healing the Culture is a much needed organization in a society that constantly debases life at every turn.” - Bobbie Hunt, President, National Council of Catholic Women

Political Leaders

“Healing the Culture…has the potential to move even the most wounded hearts to conversion.” - United States Senator Rick Santorum

“Healing the Culture has become a valuable resource to quote from as we dialogue to improve Wyoming State policy.” - State Representative Bob Brechtel, Wyoming


“In my Sophomore class today, we listened to Act 2 of Robert and Emma. We loved it! Thank you!” - Teacher,  Miami, Florida

“I’ve known Camille for many years – everything she does is first-class, well thought through, and professionally presented. I’m delighted that Healing the Culture has produced this pro-life HS curriculum – it fills a real need and will doubtless be of great use in forming the next generation to articulate and defend the Faith in their daily lives.” - Ed Hopfner, Coordinator for Marriage & Family Life, Department for Evangelization and Catechesis (DEC), Diocese of Oakland

“You have been an inspiration to me. I now have new material to pass on to my 7th and 8th graders!” - Diane Reeves, Kansas

“On behalf of the Diocese of Kamloops teachers, I would like to thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.” - Linda Bittante, Diocese of Kamloops Teacher’s Association

“Life Principles is like a beacon guiding the way. Students tell me that they come away from a fifty minute presentation startled by the insight it provides and immediately internalize the simple truth that we were made for a happiness that comes from living for the higher purposes.” - Gary Gillespie, Northwest University

“The tape you gave me is wonderful! I have had several youth watch it as an ‘enrichment elective’ as one of the Confirmation requirements. I plan to use it in my Volunteer Teacher Training, and hope to develop a Religious Education class around true human happiness using the ideas on the tape. - Amy, Director of Youth Education; Minneapolis

“It was refreshing to see high school students respond so enthusiastically in a retreat situation! The adults who attended the workshop and evening talk were equally enthusiastic…and excited to share the message with others in their communities.” -
Lore Sisk, Religious Education Coordinator; Shelby, Montana

“[The Life Principles] message is one of immense gravity; it is absolutely crucial and indispensable to college students across our country.” - Melissa Lucas, Diocesan Coordinator of Youth Ministry; Lincoln, Nebraska

“Healing the Culture is opening avenues of engagement and fruitful dialogue on the life issues, just at a time when political and cultural polarization has shut down almost all respectful discourse. Healing the Culture is showing us the way forward.” – J. Fraser Field, Managing Editor, Catholic Education Resource Center

Religious Leaders

“[Healing the Culture] is not the kind of book that one picks up and reads leisurely over a weekend and then sets aside forever. It is one that needs to be read and reread, chewed on, digested, grappled with and implemented.” - Bishop Robert Vasa, Diocese of Baker, Oregon

“A new approach to the pro-life debate… one of the best talks that I have heard in a long time.” - Pastor Rich Sicard, President of Dane County Association of Evangelical Pastors; Madison, Wisconsin

“Healing the Culture is at the forefront of organizations working to promote a culture of life. Their pro-life curriculum has the potential to transform many hearts with a message that is gentle, inviting, logically appealing, and unwavering in its defense of the sanctity of all human life. I wholeheartedly recommend this important organization and its excellent programs.” - Most Reverend Elden Francis Curtiss, Archbishop of Omaha, NE

“I commend Healing the Culture for the exceptional work it is doing to defend the intrinsic dignity of every human person. Your professional, engaging, and uplifting approach to pro-life education is truly inspiring and, most important, addresses the root causes of the culture of death. I encourage pastors and religious educators everywhere to make use of this tremendous resource.” - Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln, NE

“Healing the Culture is a must for anyone looking for help in our society.” - Doug VanEssen, Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church; Madison, WI

“Healing the Culture presents one of the most powerful pro-life educational programs I have ever seen. Their Life Principles curriculum is both intelligent and compassionate.” - Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President, American Alliance of Jews and Christians

“God bless you to the max for the training and for an awesome retreat for the youth.” - Fr. John, Marello Youth Center; Loomis, CA

“Thank you so much for inviting us to the conference. We will share many of the things with people that we see. It dealt with so many issues that I work with as a teacher so very often.” - Pastor and Mrs. Wayne Bernau; New Ulm, MN

“This is a much needed message in today’s world.” – Pastor in Morristown, NJ


“Your message touched hearts both young and old.” - Dan Lee, Project Coordinator, Night of Inspiration; Covington, Washington

“You’re trailblazing powerful new paths for Christ into the heart of the culture.” - Dave Pearson, National Catholic Register

“You have touched so many lives here. It brought me to tears to think that there was someone who could be so sincere in loving people that a lot of families throw away.” - Kristi Knox, Community Relations Director, Weatherly Inn Alzheimer’s Home

“A powerful way to guide people to an understanding of their true worth and dignity, and to lead them to wholeness.” - Carrie Abbott, The Legacy Institute

College Students

After attending Life Advocacy Student Training (LAST)

“The training is very professional--the philosophical approach teaches you how to think about ethics in general and apply them in any field, so the training and resources will be useful even beyond the pro-life cause.” - University of California Berkeley

“You have a chance to be part of a vital and relevant conversation.” University of California Berkeley

It's more than just a pro-life training. The training really makes you think about why being pro-life is so essential to the health of the culture and society as a whole. The talk and training gives emphasis to the value of every human being, and how the most important right to any and every American citizen is the right to life.  If a person has any 'pro-life movement' interest at all than he or she should go to this talk. It will broaden their knowledge and open their eyes to a new perspective about the pro-life movement.” - University of Nevada-Reno

“Each and every one of us thought the training was both beneficial to the club and to us individually. We are now even more motivated to fight for the pro-life movement because of the training.” - University of Nevada-Reno


“I had been caught in a forever downward spiral of self-degradation, yet with a renewed spirit it has already been over a month of freedom for me and it is awesome – something that has never happened before, and I thought was never possible.” - Wyoming State University

“They presented information on a personal level as if they were speaking directly to my heart.” - University of Nebraska

“I became fascinated by the four levels of happiness and the role they play in my life. I’m truly thankful for the “food for thought. I can see how this could change the world.” - Northwest University

High School Students

After taking a two week course in our “Principles and Choices” curriculum at their school…

“I think I’m more against abortion now than I was. I realized that all humans, even unborn, should be given the opportunity to experience life, and that there are millions of people wanting a child.”

“I thought that it depended on the situation, but now I am against it more.”

“This changed my thinking. I believe now that no one should get an abortion just because [the situation] makes them unhappy.”

“It made me feel a little stronger for making abortion illegal.”

“I have always been pro-life, and the lesson only helped me be more sure of my choice.”

“This made me think of abortion as a more cruel and bad option.”

“It made me consider other opinions on why abortion is never okay.”

“I already thought abortion was bad, but now I’m horrified by it.”

“I realized many pro-life arguments.”

“It made my thoughts on it a lot stronger. I am completely against it.”

“I was pro-choice, but now I wouldn’t get an abortion myself.”

“I changed my thinking. I think abortion is almost never okay.”

“It made me think about how people just get abortions because the baby will lower their quality of life and for themselves to be happy, instead of for the baby’s sake.”

“It didn’t completely change my mind, but it helped me see both sides to the argument.”

“I did change my mind on abortion. I want the babies to be born, and then to be adopted.”

“It made me think a little bit about the fetus.”

After hearing a speaker from Healing the Culture in school or during a retreat…

“This gave me a whole new perspective on everything. I understood it all.”

“It gave many answers about the meaning of suffering and love.”

“This was a good reminder of the most important things in life.”

“I have a deeper understanding of God’s love for me.”

“I asked the question about suffering and you answered it very well. It was touching.”

“It reminded me of how chastity and love matters.”

“I have found my reason for living.”

“She doesn’t speak to us like we’re two years old.”

“I learned and understood why God allows people to suffer.”

“She knew how to reach everyone and make us think, laugh, cry.”

“I want to go home and spread this love I feel to everyone!”

“She was amazing and related to us.”

“She explained things very well and made it fun to listen to. It was definitely not boring.”

“She was an awesome speaker and I learned so much!”

“This gave me the words to express things I had always known, so now I can share it.”

“It was hard for me to understand at first why God would let people suffer, but now I understand.”

“I learned to believe in God.”

“The final talk answered many of my questions.”

“This has inspired me to live a life closer to God.”

“She can relate very well to younger people.”

“The small group discussions helped me to better understand the meaning of life and how I can share that with others who are struggling. Everything makes much more sense to me now.”

“I’ll always remember the four levels of happiness.”

“I learned how to answer the question of suffering.”

“This helped me prepare for my first year of college, and the questions that people will ask me.”


“I wanted to let you know that your interview on television was awesome. I’ve been encountering so much demeaning rubbish online in my efforts to find entertainment that it was nice to sit down and be able to eat up someone speaking so wisely about our society and what we can do to make it better at a fundamental level.” - J. Buehler, Sterling, VA

“Words escape me to describe my experience at the Healing the Culture Conference. It has been two days of electric shock for the soul. You stretched my mind, touched my heart, and equipped me with tools to change lives. If one can define something by its potential, then Healing the Culture is a heart-changing tsunami.” - David Kruse

“I found the Four Levels of Happiness extremely interesting. The development of a human and all that encompasses brings the abortion question into shocking focus.” - Janet Maguire

“You and your message of hope have changed my life in more ways than you will ever know, and for that I am eternally grateful and indebted to you.” - Anonymous; Lincoln, Nebraska

“Wow! I just watched your first video session, and it was great!” - Bobbyjon Bauman; Madison, Wisconsin

“It’s the best pro-life angle I’ve come across by far.” - Jeff Lies; Omaha, Nebraska

“I knew it was a nudging from God to contact you. I am very grateful for the help you have given me. I can only hope and pray now that I am able to follow God’s plan in His way for me.” - J. Klein, Minnesota

“Thank you again for the wonderful workshop and retreat you gave. We learned so much.” – Diane Abrahamson; Shelby, Montana

“We went to the Healing the Culture [conference] on Saturday – excellent insight and speaker. I referred back to her talk many times already.” - Meg Filipi; Omaha, Nebraska

“You spoke directly to my heart, and I’ve been sharing your message with anyone who will listen!” - Tiffany

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